Kill Bill

It was time for a new log entry, so I decided to write some lines about the movie Kill Bill I saw yesterday evening.
First, I have to say that this is the best Tarantino movie I have ever seen. I belong to the group of people who hate Pulp Fiction and I must say I liked Kill Bill much better. Second, well, the movie was fun. Not a big story, but who expects a big story in Tarantino movie? And the violence, it was so exaggerated that it was not shocking I think.
Next movie: Matrix Revolutions tonight!

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2 Responses to Kill Bill

  1. Soundzlover says:

    Well, I completely desagree. It is just not worth the money and pretty much bad cinema. The special effects and fighting scenes nothing really new… And finally the ‘management decision’ to split the film into two volumes is nothing more than a desperate attempt making this crap yielding some profit.

  2. drumzz says:

    I haven’t seen that one yet, sounds intresting though 🙂
    As for Matrix Revolutions I think this episode is way better
    than the seconde one, but still wouldn’t reach the thrill of the first one…anyway, enjoy it!