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Microsoft Beta Software II

Finally, after having installed Visual C++ and Visual J# 2005 Express Edition Beta some days ago, I thought I’ll install the Visual C# version, just to see. And I couldn’t believe my eyes: There is a fully functional refactoring menu!

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iPod Firmware Upgrade

A few days ago, Apple released the 4th generation iPods with significant enhancements in the operating software. A few of those new features – like multiple on-the-go playlists and the new shuffle feature – could easily be available for older … Continue reading

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Microsoft Beta Software

Yesterday, Ben shortley mentioned something about Whidbey a.k.a. Visual Studio 2005 supporting refactoring for C++, so I thought I have to check that out. On the MSDN website I discovered there are free versions of VS 2005 Beta 1 called … Continue reading

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Tiger Response II

My diploma thesis is keeping my very busy, but here is another blog entry concerning Tiger, Ben and Longhorn: Automator: I don’t remember Steve mention it in the keynote, but hey, the imprtant thing is: There is an SDK. Hailstorm? … Continue reading

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Life saver for C++

If you are struggling with this over complicated programming language, I suggest you check out the C++ FAQ Lite and you will probably find an answer to your question 🙂

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Why chm files suck

The original Symbian UIQ 2.1 documentation consisted of a lot of HTML files. For easier navigation, a Java Applet was provided with a tree view and a search function. A week ago, SonyEricsson released the UIQ SDK 2.1 Update 1 … Continue reading

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Tiger Response

Just a few remarks and questions regarding Ben‘s remarks regarding Mac OS X Tiger 🙂 Consistent API? What’s inconsistent? Be more specific 🙂 No Triplets? Be more specific and give me a concrete example. By just entering the subject and … Continue reading

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