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Oddcast Text-To-Speech

While speaking computers are not a ‘new thing’ and nothing exciting has been going on lately in this field, I was given a URL to a very evolved test-to-speech system from Oddcast. Hear for yourself!

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AirTunes is smart

What’s makes a product really good? Well, maybe the concern to useful details, like the one pictured here. When choosing to stream the iTunes music to my AirPort Express station, I get an alert, if there are no speakers attached.

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Apple technologies for Windows

After having installed Rendezvous for Windows Technology Preview, it was a piece of cake configuring my shared printer (which is attached to the AirPort Express base station) on my Windows XP machine. I must also tell, the AirPort administration tools … Continue reading

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AirPort Express rocks

Today, my AirPort Express base station finally arrived. It both looks nice and works perfectly, like most Apple products. Previously, I used my PowerMac G4 as WLAN base station and print server. Now, I can just access the internet, print … Continue reading

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