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Comment Spam

It’s unbelievable, there were about 5 spam comments in this web-log. I banned the originator IP numbers for now, but I think there should be a better solution. If comment spamming would not stop, I would have to deactivate the … Continue reading

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Back in Town

It has been almost one week since I returned from Darmstadt (Germany) to Zurich. There were quite a lot of things going on during the first days of this semester at university. I also managed to repair my homepage and … Continue reading

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PowerToys for Windows

Ben blogs about a way to bring Exposé functionality to Windows XP. Using the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP, you can have an adequate replacement for Exposé. I would like to have some more information about that, since there where … Continue reading

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For the last couple of days (or even weeks?) I have been working overtime at ESA. It’s like the worst paid employees have the highest work time. Indeed, if I had a regular positon here, I would not do such … Continue reading

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