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Awesome looking laptop?

Ben thinks, his new laptop from HP is an “awsome” looking laptop. First of all, “awsome” is really spelled “awesome”, and second, if you want to know how awesome looking laptops really look like, you better check out Apple‘s brand … Continue reading

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Customer driven development

As Huebi stated on his weblog that he wanted to install ImageAlbum, I thought I might release an updated version of it with easier application setup and some bigfixes. I hope I will have the release ready in a few … Continue reading

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SMART-1 launch was successfull

Europe’s first science spacecraft designed to orbit the Moon, has completed the first part of its journey by achieving its initial Earth orbit after a flawless launch last night. That’s great. More information.

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Since yesterday at 8:05 p.m. I am the owner of a brand new iSight camera. This is such a nice product, both the technical and design aspects are outstanding. Too bad iChat AV requires a 100 kbps uplink network speed … Continue reading

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Die Bahn

On my way from Darmstadt to Paris last friday, the train had technical problems and so I arrived 30 minutes late. The other times I used the “Deutsche Bahn”, the trains were all delayed too. Is that coincidence?

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Apple Expo 2003

Last week-end, I was in Paris visiting some relatives and what a coincidence: It was the the last day of this year’s Apple Expo, so I thought I’ll stop by. Of course, I saw the new 15″ PowerBook and other … Continue reading

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Apple uses XHTML

I was quite surprised to see that Apple is slowly moving to modern Web technologies. The new iPod web pages use XHTML 1.0 with CSS2, the other pages still claim to be using HTML 4.0 Transitional (with a little bit … Continue reading

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While surfing the web before getting really starting with work this morning, I discovered the existance of a promising RSS aggregation tool running on Windows called Beaver. While it can’t beat NetNewsWire for Mac OS X by any means, it … Continue reading

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