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As I wrote before, my semester thesis involves some work regarding .NET, so I managed to get a PC. It’s a Pentium 3 at 800 MHz only, but it seems pretty fast. I should do some speed tests to compare … Continue reading

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Look-alike contest

In the beginning there were a lot of different web browsers for Mac OS X. In fact, there were 6 or 7 browsers using 5 different rendering engines. Then, in january 2003 came Apple’s Safari Browser. Up to now, 2 … Continue reading

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Anything else

I’ll just say that … Even a broken watch is right twice a day 🙂

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Microsoft QA

Two weeks ago, I installed Windows 2000 on my iBook using Virtual PC. Everything went fine until I wanted to use Windows update. There were plenty of updates ready to install when a dialog with the license agreement appeared and … Continue reading

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Mono on OS X?

Why did I install DotGNU instead of Mono? Well, I took a quick glimpse at the Mono project website and didn’t find any information of Mono running on Mac OS X. But it turned out it does run on OS … Continue reading

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Some days ago I installed DotGNU on my PowerMac G4. There was no binary installer, but all the packages complied without any problems! DotGNU is a free implementation of Microsoft’s .NET framework. It’s not complete yet, but some of the … Continue reading

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How to crash Safari 1.1.1

You can make Safari 1.1.1 crash by doing the following: Open Scroll down and click on ‘Classic’ That’s it. I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

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