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iBook G4

I sold my old 600 MHz G3 iBook and bought a new G4 powered one. The speed difference is huge. Finally, I have a Mac capable of using Quarz Extreme. Especially when using Exposé, you realize which kind of power … Continue reading

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After having seen 2 american movies it was time for something different. Kukushka from Aleksandr Rogozhkin is really funny. There is a lot of talking even though the 3 characters don’t speak the same language.

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Matrix Revolutions

Did anyone expect, that all the question would be answered in the last part of the trilogy? I think no. And according to that, the movie was pretty good. A movie where everything is explained is boring. But I would … Continue reading

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Kill Bill

It was time for a new log entry, so I decided to write some lines about the movie Kill Bill I saw yesterday evening. First, I have to say that this is the best Tarantino movie I have ever seen. … Continue reading

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