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Netbeans 4.0 RC1

On thursday, NetBeans 4.0 RC1 was released. I couldn’t find a list of changes since 4.0 beta2, but one thing I can tell is that the key modifier bug under OS X has been corrected. Finally, you can use the … Continue reading

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How to store a Java object into a byte array

ByteArrayOutputStream byteStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); ObjectOutputStream objectStream = new ObjectOutputStream(byteStream); objectStream.writeObject(theObject); byte[] array = byteStream.toByteArray();

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Find the difference, II

About a week ago, Nokia announced a new Symbian based smartphone called the Nokia 3230. Nokia clearly didn’t spent much time inventing a new phone design since Sony Ericsson had already done a big part of the job for them.

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