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Since everyone seems to wonder how things are going with my trainingship at ESOC/ESA in Darmstadt, I thought I’d share some impressions I had until now. There are two ‘dimensions’ or even more about a trainingship I think. The first … Continue reading

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I am wondering about the trackback functionality of this weblog system. I know that you can ping other URLs using dasBlog. But can I ping an URL of a dasBlog entry? I guess no although MT said the pings were … Continue reading

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OO Design for PHP

I am asking myself how much sense it makes to apply standard OO design to projects written in PHP, a language which lacks some essentials OO functionality in the current production release. You end up spending a lot of time … Continue reading

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Another weblog has rised out of the shadows of the internet. I am pleased to see that Huebi just started a brand new weblog called and available at Ja weisch 🙂

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Mozilla Firebird Progress

If you are using or intend to use nightly builds of the Mozilla Firebird Browser, I suggest you have a look at The Burning Edge to stay informed about new added features, bug fixes or regressions of the software.

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Beeing forced to use Windows at work (internship), I was looking for a nice PHP and HTML editing tool. Having tried out PHPEdit for 2 weeks, I was not conviced of that piece of software, although it looks promising. Today, … Continue reading

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Plug and …

I bought an USB flash drive yesterday. It worked perfectly with my iBook using Mac OS X 10.2.6 (what a great OS), I just plugged it in and the drive mounted without installing any driver. Today at work, I had … Continue reading

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Yangtze River

This is the kind of stuff you discover when surfing around your company’s website after a hard day of work: After having heard so much about the Yangtze River in connection with some RDF examples during Prof. Bernstein‘s class “Dynamic … Continue reading

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Have you ever experienced this? You are sitting in your office room that has a surface of 10 square metres, there are 2 computers running (no, they have no quiet cooling system like Apple’s PowerMac G5), it’s about 37 degrees … Continue reading

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Nice Book

At last I have discovered the book I was looking for since ages. It is called Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture written by Martin Fowler et al. If you were looking for a book on design patterns dealing with application-level … Continue reading

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