Mono on OS X?

Why did I install DotGNU instead of Mono? Well, I took a quick glimpse at the Mono project website and didn’t find any information of Mono running on Mac OS X. But it turned out it does run on OS X. I will have a look at Mono quite soon then.
The reason I want to be able to run .NET based programms is that a part of my semester work deals with a GUI that is programmed using the .NET Framework.

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3 Responses to Mono on OS X?

  1. Ah uh.. then you’d need to get GTK# as well, which maps the Winforms stuff, which is, technicaly, not .NET, but well Winforms, it’s a different API, not part of the CLI standard, but the Ximian guys wrote a wrapper, which, quite obviously, might not be 100% compatebil, yet. But you would have had more trouble with DotGNU GUI wise 🙂

    Honestly, you are looking for pain, are you? Just use Windows, if you core work doesn’t relate to get Winforms apps running on OSX… Or, let me get you VPC or something…

  2. Hey Ben, I am not looking for pain 🙂 I have Virtual PC 6.1 and I must say it is to slow to work at a reasonable level with it.

  3. Gopal says:


    DotGNU works really well with OS X …

    Ever seen Aqua buttons drawn with C# ? Look here.