Daily Archives: May 18, 2004

Apple to slow down the pace of major OS X releases

As you can read on News.com, Apple plans to slow down the release pace of major OS X versions. Starting from Mac OS X 10.1 (which was the first really usable version of OS X), Apple has released a major … Continue reading

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Movable Type 3.0

I have updated my weblog system to Movable Type 3.0, and I am very happy about the new version. I have not yet activated the comment registering option (via TypeKey), since there is a much better interface for deleting several … Continue reading

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Back from Belgrade

Well yes, I was in Belgrade (Serbia-Montenegro) for a few days because a cousin of mine was getting married there. I had never been to Ex-Yugoslavia before so I can check off one item on my list containing all countries … Continue reading

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