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New snapmania release!

We have just released a new version of snapmania which now features a blog posting module for individual images or web albums. Guess who developed this feature?– Oh, and I forgot: Perl still sucks!

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Web Upload using Drag and Drop

While investigating about competing online photo sharing and photo album services to snapmania (our company‘s online photo editing and sharing application), I discovered a nice way to upload pictures on Yahoo Photos. Using Mozilla Firefox, you can install a plug-in … Continue reading

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Find the difference, III

Today, Google unveiled the Jabber-based instant messaging system Google Talk. I guess it’s obvious where the Google Talk GUI designers found their inspiration 🙂

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Windows Vista

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iPhoto Redraw Bug

A funny iPhoto redraw bug I discovered today (running version 5.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.2 on a 15″ PowerBook):

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Update Widgets in OS X 10.4.2

Since Mac OS X 10.4.2, replacing old widgets with newer versions is very simple, as you can see on the image below:

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Smart Address Groups

The Address Book application in Mac OS X Tiger introduced smart address groups. One characteristic of ‘smart groups’ is that you don’t add specific entries but define rules which are applied on all entries to create a group. So how … Continue reading

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VLC 0.8.2

For all PowerMac G5 owner who couldn’t use Videolan Client to watch DVD’s without messing up the audio system there are good news: VLC 0.8.2 was just released and fixes the annoying bug.

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iPod Updater 2005-02-22

Today, Apple released the first iPod Updater which brings new functionality to all iPod models, including the very first one with mechanic wheel! Now, all iPods feature almost the same functionality on the software level, for instance the ‘Shuffle Songs’ … Continue reading

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Netbeans 4.0 RC1

On thursday, NetBeans 4.0 RC1 was released. I couldn’t find a list of changes since 4.0 beta2, but one thing I can tell is that the key modifier bug under OS X has been corrected. Finally, you can use the … Continue reading

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