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Introducing PageKit

Over the years I have created a few JavaScript classes which I use in various web applications. Today, I released two of them on GitHub: PageMenu and PageList, part of PageKit. To see what is it about, head over to … Continue reading

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Not so cuil

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SiteCapture released!

Finally! SiteCapture 1.0 is officially released. It’s a software utility for Mac OS X which creates screen shots and thumbnails of web pages. With one click, SiteCapture loads a set of web pages and creates images in the format you … Continue reading

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SiteCapture coming soon!

More information will be posted on my Mac OS X software page soon.

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While reading the Ajaxian news, I stumbled upon Aptana which finally led me to AFLAX through one of its screencasts. AFLAX is Flash based canvas object which can be fully accessed by JavaScript. That’s what I call a great idea! … Continue reading

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JavaScript Debugger for WebKit

The latest WebKit nightly build incorporates a second application called Drosera which is a standalone JavaScript debugger. To debug JavaScript, Drosera can connect to a debug server which can be any application using a recent WebKit build, like the latest … Continue reading

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Upgrading to Ruby On Rails 1.1

There is that little web app at work which was based on Rails 1.0 and uses the upload progress indicator. This feature was marked as experimental in the Rails 1.0 API documentation. After upgrading to Rails 1.1 following the simple … Continue reading

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After reading the news about Flock on CNET News, I installed the social browser based on Firefox. Because I wanted to check out all its features, I signed up for a account since I already had all other web … Continue reading

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Total Integration

What do you think of it? I created a special theme for WordPress, so this blog fits visually into my website. As for the site navigation bar on the left, it’s a small PHP include directive which displays the site … Continue reading

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New snapmania release!

We have just released a new version of snapmania which now features a blog posting module for individual images or web albums. Guess who developed this feature?– Oh, and I forgot: Perl still sucks!

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