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Size Comparison: new 27″ iMac vs old 24″ iMac

It’s intresting to see that the new 27″ iMac is nearly as tall as the old 24″ model.

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MacBook Image

macbook_front.jpg After having seen lots of fake MacBook pictures, I thought I’d do one myself 🙂

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Find the difference, II

About a week ago, Nokia announced a new Symbian based smartphone called the Nokia 3230. Nokia clearly didn’t spent much time inventing a new phone design since Sony Ericsson had already done a big part of the job for them.

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Full Speed Ahead

Finally, Bluewin (it’s really Swisscom actually) has doubled the speed for all private ADSL offerings and I can download files at 1.5 MBit/s (192 kB/s) virtually. It’s too bad the PPPoE overhead takes some of the bandwidth away, so I … Continue reading

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Click here to start…

As I wrote before, my semester thesis involves some work regarding .NET, so I managed to get a PC. It’s a Pentium 3 at 800 MHz only, but it seems pretty fast. I should do some speed tests to compare … Continue reading

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iBook G4

I sold my old 600 MHz G3 iBook and bought a new G4 powered one. The speed difference is huge. Finally, I have a Mac capable of using Quarz Extreme. Especially when using Exposé, you realize which kind of power … Continue reading

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Awesome looking laptop?

Ben thinks, his new laptop from HP is an “awsome” looking laptop. First of all, “awsome” is really spelled “awesome”, and second, if you want to know how awesome looking laptops really look like, you better check out Apple‘s brand … Continue reading

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Since yesterday at 8:05 p.m. I am the owner of a brand new iSight camera. This is such a nice product, both the technical and design aspects are outstanding. Too bad iChat AV requires a 100 kbps uplink network speed … Continue reading

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