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Web Upload using Drag and Drop

While investigating about competing online photo sharing and photo album services to snapmania (our company‘s online photo editing and sharing application), I discovered a nice way to upload pictures on Yahoo Photos. Using Mozilla Firefox, you can install a plug-in … Continue reading

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Gute oder schlechte Swiss News

Je nachdem ob man heute morgen lieber gute oder schlchte Nachrichten über die Swiss lesen möchte sollte man entweder die Website des Tages Anzeigers … … oder diejenige der NZZ lesen:

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Abfahrtszeiten auf

Auf erscheinen jetzt alle kommenden Abfahrtszeiten der öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel, wenn man die Maus über eine Haltestelle bewegt: Was jetzt noch fehlt sind Wegbeschreibungen von einem Ort zum anderen 🙂

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Google Maps all over the World

Now, you can see the greatest City in the World on Google Maps 🙂

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Disabling Session Cookie in Tomcat

If for some reasons you need to disable the use of a cookie for session handling, you can edit the context.xml file located in the META-INF directory of your J2EE web application. The following solution works well with Tomcat 5.5 … Continue reading

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Find the difference

What’s the difference between and It’s hard to tell, really.

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CSS Code for Ben

A little present for Ben, so that Mozilla and Safari surfers can read his blog without having to scroll down first to get to the content – on small screen sizes (1000 pixel width). #content { margin-right: 260px; border:1px dotted … Continue reading

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For all people who where wondering about whether Ben had taken down his server, I can just tell that the page is back online now.

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Safari Regression

I was pleased to see Apple release a new version of Safari, but was a bit disappointed when I discovered a regression (I assume) in the DOM area. I have a little test document where I can move table rows … Continue reading

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In the process of updating my weblog to Movable Type 2.661, I added the ability to browse my posts by category. In addition to that, each message has its category link. So if you’re not sure what I’m writing about, … Continue reading

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