Safari Regression

I was pleased to see Apple release a new version of Safari, but was a bit disappointed when I discovered a regression (I assume) in the DOM area.
I have a little test document where I can move table rows around. In Safari 1.1, everything worked perfectly but Safari 1.2 only moves a row once, then everything gets stuck. For example, you can move the first row down once and the third one up once and that’s it, no further moving around.
I do not claim my JavaScript is 100% bug free, but it works with Mozilla and WinIE 6 perfectly. One small difference I noticed is when I change the content of a row (e.g. a value of on input field) and then try to move that row. Mozilla moves the edited content but WinIE and Safari move the original content of the row as it was in the loaded HTML file. Another difference is that Mozilla has some #text element between the tr elements and Safari has not (viewable in the dom tree).
I am asking myself how to debug JavaScript code in Safari since there is no JavaScript console I know of.

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