Tiger Response II

My diploma thesis is keeping my very busy, but here is another blog entry concerning Tiger, Ben and Longhorn:

  1. Automator: I don’t remember Steve mention it in the keynote, but hey, the imprtant thing is: There is an SDK.
  2. Hailstorm? What the hell is that? I read the press release and I didn’t get what it’s for. “Web Services Designed to Give Users Greater Control” – Wow, now I know everything about it. Really though: I didn’t find the word ‘sync’ in the whole text.
  3. CoreImage: By saying that the technology was there in prevous releases I wanted to point out that CoreImage is not a rip-off of Longhorn’s graphic capabilities. Apple always first tests new technologies for it’s own purposes and when the technology has matured, it is offered as a public API. I think that’s a quite reasonable approach.
  4. I downloaded a high def WMV from Microsoft’s website, wanted to load that movie and my machine crashed instantly 🙂
  5. The Spotlight SDK is part of the Tiger Developer Preview.
  6. Reasoning is very nice, but too complex for ordinary users. That’s why it wasn’t built right into the OS UI. But 3rd party application will be able to perform any query you like.
  7. About API’s: Apple has API’s for each base technology: Audio, Image, Video, Data. That’s why they are all called ‘Core’-something. You can use higher level frameworks like Cocoa if you want to. Tell my what’s the idea behind the WinFX overview image: I can’t read a single word.

Another thing: What’s point of having a presenter looking to the crowd when the crowd looks to a screen?

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