Tiger Response

Just a few remarks and questions regarding Ben‘s remarks regarding Mac OS X Tiger 🙂

  1. Consistent API? What’s inconsistent? Be more specific 🙂
  2. No Triplets? Be more specific and give me a concrete example. By just entering the subject and the object in the system wide search field you will surely find what you’re looking for. When using the search capabilities of a specific application like Mail or the Finder, you can enter queries that match the ‘triplet’ metaphore.
  3. Attributes don’t seem to be extensible – Wrong! There is an SDK to ‘plug in’ your application / document type into the system wide Spotlight search architecture. You’re not ‘stuck’ with Apple-provided documents. That would have been really stupid to make it a ‘closed’ technology.
  4. H.264 delivers HD video (1280×720, 24p) at 5-7 Mbps and full HD video (1920×1080, 24p) at 7-9 Mbps. Compare that to other codecs. Also, is the next standard for HD DVD – very convincing from a strategic point of view too.
  5. Safari RSS does not really compete with full blown RSS Readers like NetNewsWire. What it does is visual notification of RSS/Atom feeds and XSL transformation of feeds for basic message layout. Also, it has a nice search feature which is not present in NetNewsWire. You can choose if the feeds should be opend by Safari itself or a 3rd party reader application.
  6. CoreImage: The technology was already there in OS X Jaguar (2002) known als Quarz Extreme. CoreImage makes it available as a public API.
  7. Sync: Again, it was a private API used in Apple programs since 2002. Now you can plug-in your own data structures or documents for sync.
  8. Automator: There is an SDK!
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