Apple TV 2.0, first impressions

appletv.pngI just updated my Apple TV with v2.0 of the software and I must say I’m rather pleased! Here are my top new features:

  • The “Sources” switch is gone! If an iTunes source is online, all synced and remote contents are available simultaneously. When no external source is available then Apple TV just displays the local contents.
  • In the movie trailer part, there is a special HD-Trailer section.
  • When browsing a TV show, the episodes are subtly grouped by season.
  • After having started to play a song, it isn’t stopped when returning to the top level menu of the system.
  • The YouTube application (which was already superior the the iPhone variant in Apple TV 1) now features subscriptions.
  • The podcast browser and photo-sharing clients are great.
  • You can use Apple TV as AirTunes receiver.

Now all that is missing is some video-content to buy in Europe.

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