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Unexpected error using mdimport

If you are using mdimport and get the message Can’t checkin with server named, then it’s quite possible that Spotlight’s metadata datatore is broken. To fix the problem run sudo mdutil -E /Volumes/MyVolume to erase the broken datastore. If … Continue reading

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Xsan and Spotlight

If you are running Xsan and think about enabling Spotlight indexing (using mdutil -i) for an Xsan volume, please don’t. Spotlight isn’t designed to work with volumes mounted on more than one machine simultaneously. The side-effects of enabling Spotlight indexing … Continue reading

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Never call [object dealloc]

My tip of the day when coding in Objective C: Never call the dealloc method yourself unless you really know what you are doing! Using release is usually a much better choice 🙂 .

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JavaScript Debugger for WebKit

The latest WebKit nightly build incorporates a second application called Drosera which is a standalone JavaScript debugger. To debug JavaScript, Drosera can connect to a debug server which can be any application using a recent WebKit build, like the latest … Continue reading

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MacBook Image

macbook_front.jpg After having seen lots of fake MacBook pictures, I thought I’d do one myself 🙂

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iWork ’06 – First Impressions

Today, I received my copy of iWork ’06 and installed it right away. The size of the install DVD is only about 1.7 GB, so that’s way less than iLife ’06 which weights over 6 GB! The new features are … Continue reading

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Dashboard Annoyance

The Dashboard Widget Manager Apple introduced in Mac OS X 10.4.2 is nice but I also think they made it less obvious how to find and install new Widgets. Before Mac OS X 10.4.2 there was a button called “more … Continue reading

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Good Beatles Cover

Yesterday, I discovered a cover song from the Beatles classic “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” performed by the The Drowners on the iTunes Music Store. While this song is nice, I don’t like most of the other songs on the … Continue reading

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Find the difference, III

Today, Google unveiled the Jabber-based instant messaging system Google Talk. I guess it’s obvious where the Google Talk GUI designers found their inspiration 🙂

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iPhoto Redraw Bug

A funny iPhoto redraw bug I discovered today (running version 5.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.2 on a 15″ PowerBook):

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