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Bad User Interfaces, part 1

How is a mere mortal supposed to know what a “sync endpoint” is?

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Not so cuil

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Kaffee ist gesund!

(News, Ausgabe vom 2. Juli 2008)

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Teaser of kooaba visual search client on iPhone

At work, we started working on the native iPhone client for our mobile search engine two weeks ago, and since we had a working version just after one week of development using the iPhone SDK, we felt comfortable releasing a … Continue reading

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One Hour to Finish

Finishing – or – The beginning of the end 🙂

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Make /opt invisible

Say you installed MacPorts on Mac OS X Leopard (client) and now there is a new folder called “opt” in the root level of the startup disk. To make it invisible in the Finder (but not in Terminal), enter the … Continue reading

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Apple TV 2.0, first impressions

I just updated my Apple TV with v2.0 of the software and I must say I’m rather pleased! Here are my top new features: The “Sources” switch is gone! If an iTunes source is online, all synced and remote contents … Continue reading

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Copying Tables from Safari to Numbers

Recently I wanted to copy parts of an HTML table from Safari to Numbers. Instead of getting an approximate copy where the HTML cells match the ones in Numbers, I got a list of all table cells in one column. … Continue reading

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iPod touch Software 1.1.2

So I updated my iPod touch to v1.1.2 yesterday. Altough the only announced new features are “Bug fixes”, there are at least two new features. First, the battery status is displayed in the iTunes source list (when the iPod is … Continue reading

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SiteCapture 1.0.2 Released

Just a quick post to let everyone know that SiteCapture 1.0.2 was released yesterday. It is a minor release with following changes: Added the ability to edit an address of the ‘Own list’ by double-clicking the address row. Changed the … Continue reading

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